A New Market


As the facilitator of the message of your company, we think it Is important to have a good dialog and communication.
Therefore, GTA Int. is in contact with its costumers all the way to ensure good results.

– We Know Your Market

In order to develop the right market and sales strategies it is necessary to know the market you are in.
That means an examination of the products in that market, the competition, targets, as well as the costs.
By researching the market and the competition therein, can a more targeted marketing campaign with a better overview be achieved.

– We Know Your Target Group

A target group is a segment of potential costumers that can be specified for a campaign to cover. Such a group can be classified based on different criteria. There is no fixed procedure to designate a target group. Therefore, it is important to gather certain information about the target group. An example could include which media they commit themselves to. It can save your company time and money.

– We Know Media

One might be tempted to believe that marketing is only about spreading a message to as many people as possible, but there are only correct solutions in select cases.

– We take advantage of the competition

Competition does not necessarily have to be a negative outcome. At GTA International Marketing & Market Development, we utilize the competition to provide us with the marked data needed, allowing us to provide and negotiate better prices with providers and our customers.
With a market strategy from GTA International Marketing & Market Development will your message be more focused and strengthened.


We take the business and budget of our customers seriously.

– We Make Budgets

Marketing can be expensive and the results can be confusing and unclear.
To avoid large overruns in cost, we make a budget with the customers from the start of a collaboration or partnership.


– We Know our Customers

We use marketing to reach the goal of our customers and increase their sales as well as their reputation. Sale is the key to a successful business and at GTA International we reach the sale goals of our customers by having a complete marketing strategy.


Distribution is important to have good sales, so the product can be available, and with sales so the targeted group can be aware of the availability of the product.

– We Make Connections

With knowledge about the market in Scandinavia, and business connections throughout most of Europe; can GTA International Marketing & Market Development introduce your company to new sales channels such as Scandinavia.

Contacts us for further info about what we can do to improve your company.