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Security is optimized by more and more companies. Banks have money-free branches,
gas stations and shopping centers are using more and more customer credit cards to reduce
cash in the stores. Video and alarm monitoring is an important part of the business operations today.

This makes the weakest joints, where the thieves easily get to the values, become much more
interesting for the thieves. Cars with expensive equipment and tools are more exposed to theft.
Storage halls with ordinary easy-to-read locking systems, transport companies with the load
standing “stand-by” overnight and construction sites where there is only a wire fence set.

One of these companies; can now secure service vans.
The locking system is mounted directly through the vehicle’s internal steel frames. Any attempt
to break the wagon up, can activates the alarm.

The pictures show the locking system on the car’s rear doors and sliding doors. Each with their special construction.