Trademark Registration

Protection and why Trademark Registration Matters

To be successful in a market, is it necessary to protect your business, products, names, and ideas through trademark registration.
It’s well known that the world of trademark and copyright can be harsh, and a wrong move or lack of knowledge can close a business, before it’s started.
Therefore, it is important to get some professional consultancy to get a good and secure start up at an new market.

– Protective use

Protect your business trademarks by monotoring potential threats of your trademark.
Use trademark symbols and hide them.and a better overview.

– Enforcement

If you detect an violation of your trademark, is it the job of your business to make sure it will have consequences, otherwise it can end up in fatal misuse and violations of your trademark registration.
You ought to registers your trademark:

  • If you wish to ensure exclusive rights to a certain word, logo, slogan, or domain name.
  • If you wish to sell your products internationally or on the internet.
  • If you have the goal to create a new brand.
  • If you wish to have a stronger standing, if anyone violates the use of your name, logo, or domain name.

When you register your trademark, you obtain the following benefits:

  • Greater control over the use of your trademark.
  • Greater value for your company.
  • The brand is “upgraded” to a registered trademark, allowing the use of ®.
  • You get exclusive and perpetual rights to your name, logo, or slogan.
  • You have better opportunities to earn money from your trademark.