Valuable Design

Wish to make a valuable design strategy?

Low Value

The products and services of a company are there to satisfy a part of the demand within a market. Standard products are usually marketed and sold on the basis of price, a speedy rate of return on investment, any follow up service, and the ideas presented in the advertisement campaigns.
The concept involves: fast sales, standard functionalities, immediate return of a product on the costumer’s bill, and a high rate of return without regard to the environmental impact.

High Value

The product of the company have a unique design sold through an image, brand, and the quality of the product itself. Therefore, there is no regards to the price and service. The products are exclusively there to invoke an identity with the customers. These products commonly receive a strict quality and environment control; resulting in among other things, a higher selling price. Slow rate of return on investment.

The above examples are two profoundly different approaches to valuable design in marketing and sales performance. GTA International has structured these with the purpose of creating the most relevant sales strategies, which all depends on the individual companies’ ability to follow up on marketing activities, including but not limited to costumer-related communication and after-sales.

”Keeping up Appearances”

At GTA International we also go into dialog with companies on the ability of their product to become and stay as a welcomed part of the markets, as well as evolving the product overtime to strengthen and improve any products through development, marketing, and documentation of the customer groups that is focused on. The product development ensures a lasting appreciation for the company to reduce costs.
If you have the idea of improving identity, sales, and earnings of your firm; then please send us an email briefly describing your thoughts for the required tasks.